Introduction of Kawashou

Kawashou, best place for special events!

In Kawashou, you can hold special events such as birthday party, engagement and so on.

We can fully support you to get your events perfect and unforgettable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.



個室 くつろぎの空間

Private Rooms( 2F ): we have 6 private rooms, all of which have tables and chairs for customers’ comfort.

4 private rooms( maximum 4 customers)

1 meeting room( maximum 8 customers)

1 banquet room(maximum 26 customers)

In the case a private room is taken, there is additional 10% service charge.


カウンター 板前の技まで楽しむ

At counter tables, you will be able to watch your chef making sushi right in front of you and show you what genuine Japanese craftmanship is.  We prepare seasonal ingredients reacting each customer's personal preference. Good talk with your chef is a plus with your friendly gestures or possibly Japanese.

[NEW!!] We have set up a new counter table that can hold up to 5 customers. The table faces refrigerators that keeps wines and sakes, which makes quite decent atmosphere. Come and try taking the new counter seats.


Photos of Kawashou